Speaking Schedule:

If you are interested in having one of the original podcasting pioneers and author of a number of books on the subject speak regarding the creation, production and monetization of podcasting and new media at your next event feel free to contact us.

Past Speaking Engagements:


August 14th: New Media Expo, Las Vegas, NV
Corporate Podcasting the Disneyland Way: Case Study from the Place Where Dreams Come True

July 18th: NFCC Annual Convention, Anaheim, CA
Podcasting and Disneyland panel

April 25th: PodCamp NYC, New York, NY
How to Grow Your Audience and Monetize Your Podcast in 30 Days

April 13th: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), Las Vegas, NV
Growing Your Audience

April 13th: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB, Las Vegas, NV
Making It: Lessons Learned on the Path to Podcasting Success

January 8th: Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV
Podcasting as a Marketing Tool: Delivering Your Message as Entertainment


September 28-30th: Podcast and New Media Expo, Ontario, CA
Presentation: Selling the Unique Value of Your Content: Determining What Your Show is Worth and Convey It To Advertisers, Sponsors and Investors

September 27th: Podcast Academy #6, Ontario, CA
Host/Master of Ceremonies

May 17-18th: Communitelligence PR Online Convergence 2007, Los Angeles, CA
Audio and Video Podcasting: Beyond the Press Release with Sound and Picture

May 16th: Northwestern University (Private Event), Evanston, IL
Podcasting in Higher Education

April 14-15th: NAB 2007: Podcasting Summit, Las Vegas, NV
Setting Up an Audio Podcasting Studio on Any Budget / Encoding Tools and Techniques for Audio Podcasting

April 5th: Bulldog Reporter’s PR University, Los Angeles, CA
Corporate Podcasts & Video Blogs: How PR Can Adopt New Web Tools to Drive Brand and Results.

February 14-15th: Podcast Academy #5, Duke University – Durham, NC
Keynote Speaker

February 2nd: The Annenberg Foundation: Tech Summit, Los Angeles, CA
Podcasting: Strategies for disseminating content using podcasting.

January 31st – February 1st: Music 2.0, Los Angeles, CA
Podcasting: Emerging Business Models

January 9th: Consumer Electronics Show (CES), Las Vegas, NV
Panel: Audio and Video Podcasting: The Right Way To Use This Medium For Marketing


October 3-5th: Iowa Public Television DTV Symposium, Des Moines, IA
Presentation: Podcasting for Media: How to Succeed Without Even Trying

September 29-30th: Podcast and Portable Media Expo, Ontario, CA
Presentation: Solving The Corporate Dilemma: Create Your Own Podcast Or Advertise On An Existing Show

September 28th: Podcast Academy #4, Ontario, CA
Presentation: Planning – Developing a Podcast Initiative

August 9-10: Marketing Technology Summit, Minneapolis, MN
Presentation: Podcasting And The Consumer

June 20-21st: Corporate Podcasting Summit, San Francisco, CA
Panel: Leveraging The Podcast To Build A Marketing Message

June 15-16th: The Podcast Academy #3 at Yahoo, Sunnyvale, CA
Presentation: Making Money With Podcasting

April 28-29th: The Podcast Academy #2 at Boston University, Boston, MA
Presentation: Podcasting – Making Money (April 28th)
Presentation: Corporate Podcasting – Inside The Corporation (April 29th)

April 22-23: NAB Podcasting Summit, Las Vegas, NV
Panel: Podcasting Panel on Technology and Trends


April 3-5th: Media Canada Marketplace 2006, Beverly Hills, CA
Panel: The Buzz About New Media

March 27-30th: Digital Hollywood, Santa Monica, CA
Panel: Alternative Media and Advertising


October 19th: Disneyland Press Event – The Regency on Park Avenue, New York, NY
Disneyland Resort Podcast

November 10th: Podcast Academy, Ontario, CA
Podcast Monetization

November 11-12th: Portable Media Expo, Ontario, CA
Monetization and Corporate Use of Podcasting

October 17-18th: BlogOn Social Media Summit, New York, NY
Podcasting: Beyond Radio

September 27-28th: Duke University Podcasting Symposium, Durham, NC
Business & Monetization Panel Discussion


November 13-14th: Southern California Mac Fair, Norwalk, CA
Podcasting 101

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