Is Your Podcast Being Blocked?

StopWizard Media, owners of Libsyn, recently put out a press release that they served over 70,000,000 podcast episodes for March. These numbers are certainly encouraging, however there now appears to be a potential downside to all that media emanating from a single source. Shel Holtz posted today that he has found some companies’ IT departments blocking multimedia files from Libsyn.

This is an interesting development. I don’t personally use Libsyn for any of my projects but for podcasters using Libsyn (particularly business oriented podcasters) this is not encouraging. I am curious to see if this is an isolated incident or something that might be a bit bigger. Libsyn is a great service for people starting out in podcasting. An easy setup process and extremely affordable pricing also means they get a bit of everything when it comes to content. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is related to attempt to block certain kinds of content by just blocking all of Libsyn.