Sprint ExpressCard EVDO (EX720)

Finally, there is an ExpressCard available for Sprint EVDO, the Merlin™ EX720. The one problem I have had with upgrading to my MacBook Pro was the loss of my Sprint EVDO service. Verizon offered an ExpressCard to its users months ago, while those of us on Sprint had to wait patiently. I really felt the pain last week while travelling. However, yesterday I got my hands on the Sprint EX720, though the Sprint Rep said they were not supposed to be released until next week. Anyway, here is what it took to get it to work. I’m putting this here to hopefully save time for less technically savvy people like myself. (This took a lot longer than I expected.)

The main problem I had was the need for a Windows machine running XP that had an ExpressCard slot. If you have one of those – you are set. If not, then like me you need to find one. My solution involved using Parallels and an old copy of Virtual PC 6 to get the job done without spending any money. Here are the steps:

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