Top Chef Timer


My wife wants the timer used on Top Chef for Christmas. I figured, easy enough, I’ll just go to Google and find it. Turns out it really takes some digging to get from “Top Chef Timer” or “Top Chef Red Clock” to the actual unit but if you are looking for one as well, here it is on Amazon.

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  1. Jill says

    I have been searching for that timer too. Even contacted Bravo and they didn’t have an answer. I checked out Amazon and the one pictured is not available. I rewatched one of the season one shows from i-Tunes and they were using a FMP timer white not red. This one is available at Cook’s Direct ordered it this morning.

  2. says

    Unfortunately availability seems to be hit-or-miss. We got ours in time for Christmas and I have to admit, it is quite a timer. It can have four consecutive timers running all with extremely loud alarms. For what we needed, it fit the bill!