Ferrari and my 550 Maranello


I don’t talk about it much but back in 2000, I ordered a 550 Maranello from the Ferrari factory. Membership in the 12 cylinder club is unique. It was a life goal and I felt good about achieving it. At the same time, some friends bought me an infant size racing suit for my first born. As an F1 fan it was a perfect gift. The car has since been sold, but each of my 3 boys has had his picture taken in the Ferrari driver’s suit. For Father’s day I received them all mounted with the suit – awesome!

Thank you to my wife and children.


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    Michael – What a great gift! And what a great memory. Someday your grandkids will hang the memory box in their office! Cheers! Chris

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    As one Tifosi to another, please know how much this gift has meant to our family. You guys hit a home run with the suit. Thanks again!