Brian Clark Blood Drive – Podcasters Needed

BC.jpgBrian Clark, a great friend and partner in was involved in a horrible car accident in Central California last Friday. He is currently in the ICU and has received in excess of 13 units of blood and platelets.

Many of you know Brian as a core member of the Grape Radio podcast, recipient of the 2006 Podcast of the Year award and a 2008 James Beard Award.

Along with myself, Brian is also a member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team. He is the kind of guy who is always there, ready to help others in their time of need. As a member of our team he responds to calls at all hours of the day and night to help people he has never even met. I hope that we can return the favor.

When asking, “What can we do to help,” the only thing that his wife has requested was for us to give blood. A blood drive has been planned for Wednesday, March 18, from noon to 6pm. For local folks the information is below. Due to limited time slots it is important to have everyone make an appointment on line.

If the 18th will not work or you are out of the area, please contact your local American Red Cross or where you can also donate. If you participate, please email me and let me know or post a comment below. It will be great to tell Brian how many people donated blood on his behalf.

We always hear about the “podcast community”, I would like to show the power of our network.

How you can help:

  • Donate (Wherever you can)
  • Link to this post. Tweet and Re-Tweet about it, Facebook, whatever your platform may be.

While flowers are nice, blood may save the life of a loved one.

Any help towards this cause is greatly appreciated.

Please keep Brian and his family in your prayers.

Thank you in advance!

Michael W. Geoghegan

Note: Blood Drives aren’t so much about donating for a particular person as much as donating in the name of a person to help support a critical system in saving lives. So donate wherever you can and let us know so we can add it to the tally.

Brian Clark Blood Drive

March 18th
Noon to 6:00

Tustin Hospital
14662 Newport Ave
Tustin, CA. 92780
Tel. 714. 669-5881

Sign Up:
Use sponsor code: THMC

*If you are out of the Orange County Area and wish to locate a place to give in your area, please visit

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  1. says

    What can those of us who are barred from giving blood do to help? Just spread the word? I hope he can pull through.

  2. says

    As someone who’s barred from giving blood (was in Europe during certain years, so can’t due to Mad Cow Disease scare), I think it’s just as you said, DDog — we can spread the word.

    And for those who feel they can’t help directly because they’re not in that location, keep in mind that there always seems to be a shortage of blood. Give ANYWHERE. People underestimate how much is needed.

  3. says

    I’m lucky enough to be local, the hospital is almost walking distance from my home. I’ve made my appointment. No one likes to be stuck with a needle but when it’s for a good cause, well that’s just different.
    My heart goes out to Brian and his family. Since I am local, please let me know if there is anything else I can physically do for the family. Running errands, getting groceries, whatever.
    First rule of living a good life: Be Helpful. Just tell me what I can do.

  4. says

    Thank you to everyone who has helped out. Within 30 minutes of posting this I had two people who are out of the area headed down to their local Red Cross location and it has continued all day long. Absolutely amazing.

    Also a ton of activity on Twitter today: Link.

    As of 6:00PM only 12 spots are left at the local blood drive spot for Wednesday. If you are out of the area please donate locally and comment here. I’m keeping a list from the Tweets, DMs and emails I’m getting, but comments are equally efficient.

    Thank you to all!

  5. says

    My next double-red appointment is April 15. I’ll keep Brian in mind for sure. Best wishes for a quick recovery.

  6. says

    I heard about this on Friday, at the World of Pinot Noir.

    My best wishes to Brian, his family and the GrapeRadio crew.

  7. says

    What a terrible tragedy! I’ll be sure to roll up my sleeve and donate. I began donating blood a number of years ago when my mom became an amputee due to diabetes. I saw first hand how important blood donations are to patients in need. Our thoughts are with Brian.