The Power of Podcasting – Adam Carolla

3923345.jpgLast Friday, the Los Angeles station 97.1 KLSX FM Talk changed formats to some low cost top 40 programming stuff like you get everywhere else. This was the former home of Howard Stern, his morning slot having been taken over by Adam Carolla. Working from home, I’m not a morning drive time person and have heard Adam’s show at most 5 times. But this is not about morning drive time shows.

Interestingly, this morning Adam Carolla released his first podcast. No ads, no requests for money or donations, just him doing his thing. No big news there – “known celebrity/personality releases podcast” is not ground breaking and Adam Carolla is not hurting; he has plenty of other projects and his contract continues to pay him through the end of 2009. What I appreciate is he gets podcasting from the get go. His show is genuine. He even admits to being a bit nervous (all podcasters have been there.) He dishes some dirt, complains a bit and just plain talks to you about what is going on, like a friend would. That is the power of podcasting.

Prior to podcasting how could this have happened? In past years he would have had to go hat in hand to multiple stations to get someone to LET him back on the air. All the time being silent so as to demonstrate he is a “good boy” and not upset the radio gatekeepers at potential future stations. The beauty of podcasting is: if he can keep an audience guess who will be asking him back. (And yes – morning radio pays way more than any podcast opportunity in existence.) Maybe someone will pick him up, maybe he’ll move on to some of the other projects he’s been working on. We’ll see.

No idea how long lived this will be or what will come of it. That’s not the point. Maybe he tries to make money at it or maybe he decides to quit it tomorrow. The point is while he still wants to talk to an audience he values anyone who wants to listen can. No one has to grant him permission to do it or dictate who, what or how it has to be done. For those of us who have been there from the beginning, that is everything podcasting has always been about.

You can find his podcast here.

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  1. says

    I think he has the potential to finally bring podcasting into the mainstream. his show has been a podcast for a long time now, but now it’s exclusively a podcast.

  2. says

    I listened to the podcast earlier today and was surprised by how “podcast-y” it sounded, which was great. I hope he keeps up with it. I’e been a fan of his for a long time.

  3. says

    I think that this is a little different from a “celebrity” podcasting. This is an established radio personality making himself available via a podcast. If Oprah were to put out a podcast, she would suck at it (just like she does on SiriusXM, only taking up valuable resources). Do you know any other radio quality talent doing this?
    I’ve never heard Carollas show, and decided to check out his podcast. To tell the truth, I found it extremely entertaining.

  4. Ron says

    I was affraid it was going to be a once a week show, but it looks like it will be a daily show. I was surprise how strange it was not having him with a co-host. The 2nd one has Doctor Drew and it was hilarious. He said the 3rd one will have Teressa and Brian.

  5. says

    I started listening to his show a few weeks ago and it’s definitely an improvement over his radio show. Too bad producers and corporate suits have to get in the way of a quality product.