Feedback on Transcript Experiment

About a week ago we tried an experiment on our Podcast Academy site where we posted an entire transcript of one of the hour long presentations from the New Media Expo. No particular reason we picked the one we did, in fact we had already posted it once before, it was just a quick and easy one for the transcriber to pull a copy of. Although we’re all podcast fans, it’s important to keep in mind that making the content available in a variety of formats helps us all reach a broader audience.

I’m curious if anyone has any feedback. Is this a helpful tool if we continued to provide them?

I saw the advantages as:

  • You can link to specific quotes on the transcript pages.
  • It increases the relevance of content rich presentations for search.
  • Allows presenters one more way to provide their presentations.
  • All around good resource.

Obviously there is some cost involved (actually a significant cost) if we continue to do this. No big secret, if you see the pages, we deployed some ads. So we’ll continue to monitor our test to see if it is economically viable on a mass scale for all 153 hours of audio.

Meanwhile, if you like the transcript idea I’d appreciate you thoughts.  Here’s the link to the transcript post.

Thanks to Paul Colligan for the nudge to test this.

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  1. says

    This is very cool. Can you share some info on the costs? how many page views you’d need to break even? This could be a great opportunity for many podcasters (myself included).