Of Little Black Books And Memories


As most of you know, social media works. By way of FaceBook I had a fraternity brother contact me a few weeks ago. I hadn’t heard from Doug, our Pledge Class President, in 18 years, but (and I’m paraphrasing) he said, “Geoghegan, I found something that belongs to you, I think you’ll get a kick out of it, what’s your mailing address?” I was glad to hear from Doug, but admit to being curious what he had.

Today via mail I received my ΦΔΘ (Phi Delta Theta) pledge black book. Pretty cool! I don’t think I am giving any fraternity secrets away by saying as a pledge we were required to have this book with us at all times with a separate page for every active member with their name and phone number. During our pledge period we had to get a required number of signatures. Of course they all wrote personal notes. I had fun today reading my book and tripping down memory lane. Good way to round out a terrific year. Thanks Doug!

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