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Mark Ramsey points to the newest Edison Research report from Tom Webster on Podcasting which was presented at PodCamp NY last month. Once again, some good info for the Poderati to pay attention to. Mark, a well known radio consultant, points out that radio stations need to be producing their content as podcasts. I have been harping on this for years! As my friend Eric Rice once said, “13 year olds are doing this in their basements – what’s your excuse?” I could write a long post but I’m a talker, it’s why I like podcasting. Instead, here is a roughly 50 minute presentation I gave to a private group of radio and television executives in Minneapolis back in August, 2006 discussing the need to “jump in.” (Click the image below.)

[qt: /video/BC_SAR/MWG_video.jpg 320 224]

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