A Brain Scientist’s Stroke of Insight

Amazing presentation from TED 2008 by Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor. How often does a neuroanatomist get a chance to study their own stroke from the inside out? A touching story, great education on how the two halves of the brain function and an example of someone who knows how to give a captivating presentation. A standing ovation is always a good thing. Take the time to watch this one.

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  1. says

    I watched this a few days ago and yes it is amazing. Her detailed description of the stroke and how even a neuroanatomist would fight so hard against it (her attempt to find the business card of her office instead of calling 911) were both striking to me. This is easily one of the best TED talks I’ve seen.

  2. Dwight says

    The New York Times Sunday Newspaper on May 25 had a great two page article on Jill Bolte Taylor and her book, “MY STROKE OF INSIGHT”. Her book is a must read and this NY Times article – called “A Superhighway to bliss” is worth checking out too.

  3. Tammy says

    I read “My Stroke of Insight” in one sitting – I couldn’t put it down. I laughed. I cried. It was a fantastic book (I heard it’s a NYTimes Bestseller and I can see why!), but I also think it will be the start of a new, transformative Movement! No one wants to have a stroke as Jill Bolte Taylor did, but her experience can teach us all how to live better lives. Her TED.com speech was one of the most incredibly moving, stimulating, wonderful videos I’ve ever seen. Her Oprah Soul Series interviews were fascinating. They should make a movie of her life so everyone sees it. This is the Real Deal and gives me hope for humanity.

  4. Bridget says

    MY STROKE OF INSIGHT was ranked #5 in all books sold on Amazon today and #1 in Memoirs above even Barbara Walters’ memoir. Babs had been promoting her book for months in advance and Dr. Taylor’s book was self-published.

    Then Oprah recommended it. There’s the Power of Now, and then there’s the Power of Oprah!!

    “My Stroke of Insight” is out in Hardcover now for less than the old paperback edition. Amazon has it for 40% off.