Britney Vs. Christina

Christina.jpgA few years ago there was a good deal of talk about Britney vs. Christina. While I heard the chatter, I was a bit too old to care and never knew all the details. I can’t believe I am commenting on this, but tonight as I was doing some computer work, Christina Aguilera: Back to Basics Tour started playing in the background. My Eye TV was tuned to VH1. I don’t know much about Christina, but I am willing to name her the victor. Why? She has an amazing voice, is still singing, performing, employing musicians and dancers and generally speaking, is not a total lunatic. Britney? Not so much. Luckily, out of the two, she is the one I interviewed a few times.

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    On this issue, Christina is definitely the winner. She’s the only one with a good sense of sanity left between the two.

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    I saw a picture of Christina Aguilera with Nicole Ritchie girls’ night out. Christina looks great. It’s good that the two had fun with other friends.

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