Air Guitar Nation

c-diddy.jpg Do yourself a favor and check out Air Guitar Nation, a hilarious and entertaining documentary about the first U.S. entrants to the World Air Guitar Championships in Finland. This film is full of characters with just the right blend of bravado, humor and personal stories. The soundtrack is addictive and the “finger work” and “long strums” are awesome. You get to follow the battle between U.S. entrants C-Diddy and Björn Türoque as they vie for the world championship. C-Diddy brings his “Asian Fury, Air Supremacy” while Björn realizes that, “To Air is Human, To Air Guitar, Divine.”

I think in the end one of the producers sums it up best; when referring to air guitar he says,

…it’s probably less absurd to watch than figure skating if you think about it.

Great viewing and avaliable on DVD. You can see a trailer on the film’s website.

The best part is the whole time you are watching you think, I could do that…

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