CES 2008 – Podcasting as a Marketing Tool

ces2008_1.jpgI’m pleased to have been asked to speak again at CES this year. We are covering: Podcasting as a Marketing Tool. I’ve spent the morning preparing some slides. I hate bullet points. Those that have seen my presentation style know I prefer images, video, audio or a single bold text statement to support the concepts I am trying to convey. However, you still need to plan ahead and develop an outline. Click the image at the left for an advanced look – misspellings and all.

Once again, I will fire up my Twitter posts while at CES.

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    Thanks Jason.

    The “plugin” is one I had custom made. It was based on this. Unfortunately, it is kind of baked in, though it can be easily replicated using the code from the link above.

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    Thanks for the “background info” !

    Had to laugh – was looking at the “new image” thinking …

    hmmm ..wonder if I can slide that “blue bar” at the bottom over to the right ..?

    and maybe – just maybe ? it will reveal a [secret] new page or something ….

    Then of course I looked closer and saw it was your blue marker …
    Well .. I got a good laugh out of it !!