Hunter S. Thompson – Need the Shirt

Hunter_small.jpgI have been a life long fan of Hunter S. Thompson. After the success of my last call for help, once again, I am reaching out to my readers. For years I have been looking for a rather iconic shirt that Hunter S. Thompson had – pictured here on the cover of this biography by E. Jean Carroll (click for larger image). Does anyone know where you can get this shirt/jacket? I guess you’d describe it as red, khaki, mustard, green and blue corduroy. I assume some small specialty hunting shop somewhere sells it, but I have yet to find it. If I can buy it or have it made – either way, I am committed. Any help is greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: – Thanks for the emails. So far, it looks like no one knows where you can get this shirt/jacket. I’ll probably have to have it custom made. I am working on seeing if I can contact the costume designer from the film Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas; they reproduced the shirt for some scenes at the Polo Lounge when Johhny Depp played Hunter. I assume they used the original as source material. Yes, I can be a bit obsessive. While I am at it, anyone else want one?

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  1. Adam says

    It’s a jacket that was made by Abercrombie & Fitch. The only place that I have ever seen it for sale was on ebay about a year ago. It was priced at over $600. Obviously, it is a very rare jacket.

    Good Luck!

  2. Martin says

    Keep me updated, I have been looking for this for years with no avail. Johnny Depp makes a big deal about keeping the screen used one, according to the DVD commentary, so we may have competition! LOL

  3. says

    I think I recall somewhere that it was an LL Bean jacket. Heck, if you go there, you can find quite a number of Hunter-esque jackets. No multi-colored ones, I’m afraid. But then, why would you want that? You can’t imitate the Man. It’s impossible. We are merely his adherents and his preachers. I wish you luck but you’d be better off creating your own style. By the by, I read that E. Jean Carroll biog years ago. The only thing I can remember is her using the term “bubbies”.

  4. Sarah says

    i want a jacket like it too. just because i love hunter and i love that jacket.

  5. says

    The jacket in the movie is the actual one owned by Thompson, as far as i understand. Johnny Depp did some method-acting during the shoot and borrowed Thompsons clothes and ID and passed himself off as the Dr. around LA, evidently with some success

  6. jas says

    i think its also referred to as a chukar jacket in some circles.Checked them out but theres no coloured ones.

  7. applesteam says

    The jacket in the movie is a replica that was made for depp. Hunter let him borrow a lot of clothes, but this jacket was so special to him he wouldn’t let the origional one be used in the film.

  8. Heather says

    I MUST HAVE THIS JACKET!!! I bought a khaki colored corduroy jacket that looks kind of similar on eBay. I just need to sew on the patches!! I wish there was a pattern out there for this!! I’m trying to draw an outline of it right now. If anyone else has a pattern drawn I would be so happy if you shared it with me!

  9. Silver Dancing Girl says

    My husband has wanted this jacket forever. I recently learned to sew so now I’m going to make him one. He had an old khaki barn jacket that has a very similar shape. Much easier than starting from scratch. I bought fabric in the 4 colors and am sewing on patches to make it look like Hunter’s.

    Heather–Both the front and back are divided in 5 wide stripes. Measure the length of your jacket and divide by 5. The front goes red, khaki, blue, yellow, khaki. The back goes yellow, green, yellow, khaki, yellow. There’s also a yellow and green belt type thing in the back that I will have to make because my husband’s jacket doesn’t have one. I haven’t gotten to the sleeves and pockets yet. That will probably be harder. Will let you know how it goes. Very excited to finally do this…

  10. Paul says

    I had a replica jacket made a few years ago, when I portrayed Hunter for Halloween. A few of the colors weren’t exact, but it came out really good. But I would like to get an authentic jacket. It’s tough to get one good shot of the entire jacket in the movie. When Duke gets pulled over you get a really good shot of the jacket. In the book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,” it says it is a bird hunting jacket, and in the extras Hunter says the jacket is thirty years old. So it would be from the late 60’s. Oh and Silver Dancing Girl, there are 8 colors on the jacket, not 4. Red, a mustard yellow, dark green, a limish green, some weird blue, light khaki, dark khaki, and another color I haven’t been able to notice yet. Also the jacket seems to be made of a corduroy. So if anybody out there has any more info or decides to start a small business replicating this jacket please let me know. My myspace page is Paul Castro, Swansea, MA 02777. Check out the jacket I had made. Let me know what you think.

  11. Rico says

    Hey Cesar,

    Want to sell it?

    Hit me back – ranger_rick2006 at yahoo dot com!


  12. Mike Medeiros says

    Hey Paul Castro I searched for your My Space page but nothing popped up under the info you gave. I’d love to see the jacket. I live in Fall River. My My Space page is my (original I know)and if you check my friends there’s a guy Jay that lives in Swansea who is also a huge HST fan.

  13. Mike Medeiros says

    Hey Cesar,
    Awsome job with the jacket. Did you actually make it or did you have it made ? Is there some kind of pattern you found to follow ? What kind of material is it and I’m also in line for a medium when you go into production.

  14. Cesar says

    Hey everyone thanks for the compliments on the jacket. I actually did make it. I should say that I don’t have any real experience sewing so it should be fairly easy for anyone that wants to do it. The pattern I followed is basically from the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas movie. I also used the picture from above, but the photo is inverted. (so just be aware) As far as the jacket it was 50 cents at a goodwill, (Hap brand..I think its a knock off of the “Gap”) its a basic hunting jacket, it gets covered with the different patchworks anyways so unless you want a 100% authentic jacket then the jacket that Mike put up looks pretty close. I bought the thickest grade of cotton for the jacket patches. And really that was it. It took about two days to do. Here’s an additional picture I found
    If you have any questions

  15. says


    Great info and link! I still have all my original screenshots from “Breakfast With Hunter” and “Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas.” I admit to having fallen off the wagon regarding my pursuit of this jacket, but the fact that so many people are actively involved has re-energized my efforts! I’m getting a true to form original copy made! Mark my words. Thanks again for everyone’s help. I had no idea so many were interested.

  16. says

    I found a costume maker who says he is up to the task. (Referred by a friend who has been satisfied with this guy’s work.) I let him know I am looking for a replica that can be worn like any other jacket – not a one time costume.

    He said I need to wait until after Halloween then we are ready to rock-n-roll.

  17. Mike says

    Have they started to make it yet Michael? Here is one on ebay

    Its one made by llbean. It looks good but its not exactly like Hunters. it doesnt have a bi swing back. His was deffinetly made by Abercrombie and Fitch. Both companies must have made a similar jacket. I bought the same exact abercrombie hunting jacket with the bi swing back. It just doesnt have the patches on it. Abercrombie must have made them with patches and without.

  18. steve-o says

    Any luck Michael. Need to get the real deal going. or close to. too many fans and want to pay respect buy wearing a piece of hunter in a way. “If anything’s worth doing, Its worth doing right”

  19. steve-o says

    Any luck Michael. Need to get the real deal going. or close to. too many fans and want to pay respect by wearing a piece of hunter in a way. “If anything’s worth doing, Its worth doing right”

  20. Matt McMichael says

    Hey all…this is a bird-hunting jacket. My brains tells me it was from LL Bean (HST had a penchant for their stuff and actually posed for an ad wearing the French sailor’s shirt they had) but I have searched high and low to no avail. Back when people weren’t such pussies they went bird hunting and many versions were made. But many searches have turned nothing up. Just face it…the same model will never again be produced, just like there will never be another Hunter.

  21. Mike says

    Hey matt, we know there will never be another produced from abercrombie or ll bean thats why we are trying to reproduce our own.

  22. sebastian says

    May you sell such a jacket like this one in ebay to me?
    How much would it be?
    Best greetz Sebastian

  23. brandon says

    anyone able to get anything on this? i think i’ll try and have my grandma soe me one up, but i wish i could get a real patchwork jacket that is similar.

  24. neil says

    any news on this michael? garmonbozia’s jacket look ace as you said something that could be worn any time not just as a costume. really want one of these jackets regardless of how stupid my partner thinks i might look in one. its my destiny.

  25. Matt McMichael says

    I heard thru a grapevine that I promised to keep anonymous that this jacket desing may become available. When it happens, I will send the alarm to ya’ll!

  26. Tomas says

    And would it be available/importable to tiny Belgium? :s
    Coz I want that jacket!!!!! 😉

  27. Pedpna says

    Neat! a little expensive though :\ but it looks awesome, just like the real deal

  28. Mike says

    Way too expensive. Plus there are too many things wrong with it. Too much canvas used. The only color that was canvas was the green and the actual tan jacket. The rest was corduroy. The colors also look to cheesey.

  29. Z.F.Moriarty says

    This thread is pretty helpful, Just thought i’d say thanks for the info thats been shared.

    I’m just starting one as a project. My partner is a Designer and sewing machine fiend, and shes excited to help. So thats a huge goddamn bonus. If I stitched it myself, it would look like a scarecrow, i’m sure.

    I’ll post some pics to let you know how its coming along guys. x

  30. Haus says

    Wow. Nice work Mike. Where were you 2 years ago? I taught myself how to sew, went to the fashion district and bought random fabrics, went through many images of the good Dr. and even tried to watch the movie, pausing it from time to time only to see that it was a knock off (although I heard Johnny depp claimed that it was the original) Ill try to post a pic

  31. collector says

    I have an authentic one. ..found it while cleaning out an estate and it is in perfect condition. Any interest?

  32. says

    magnolia to expensive ! does anyone else sell hunting jackets similar ? could always ad the patches , just don’t want to spend 500$