Marantz PMD 620

Pmd 620The door bell rang today as someone delivered the brand new Marantz PMD 620 from my friends at Marantz Professional. I’ll put it through the paces in the next few days, but I must admit, after about an hour of just playing around with it, my general thought is that is a great little unit and definitely a keeper. Stay tuned.

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  1. says

    I would love to hear what you think about the Marantz PMD 620. I’m a composer and I’m thinking of getting it and retiring my hand held sony cassette recorder (yuk!). I’m wondering what the speaker in the 620 sounds like. I’m not expecting much but is it say as good as the speaker on my Mac 14″ iBook? It’s a stereo recorder so is there 2 speakers or only one? I want to use it as something I would have near me when I’m away from my studio and pick up a guitar and sing into it to capture songwriting ideas. If the speaker is decent then it would eliminate having to have headphones all the time to hear what I had recorded into it. That’s the problem with so many of these small digital recorders – they never have a speaker in them.
    Thanks for your time,

  2. LUSTORAMA says

    The speaker is really , really cheap, I’d say, anemic!
    If you don’t stick your ear against the unit, you won’t get anything!

  3. Indrek says

    A Review on Transcom Tools speaks about a delay in signal getting to headphones:
    “Much more troubling is the short delay in the sound reaching the headphones, presumably a latency caused by monitoring the sound after it has been through the electronic processing of the record circuit. It’s a very short delay, but just enough to make it difficult to speak while monitoring on headphones. There’s something very unnerving about hearing one’s voice on a short delay, making it difficult to speak naturally, something to keep in mind if one is planning on using one’s questions in the final production.”

    Do you tests confirm this delay? When so, this is really a sad thing, and a reason to give up on this one too. So Sony PCM-D50 is the last change. even though its over my bugget.