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Futura Extra Bold
This might come across as Kubrick geekerie, but I remember reading that Stanley Kubrick (a favorite director of mine) loved Futura Extra Bold. Since then I have used it wherever possible: see Reel Reviews. Now comes a new release of some of Kubrick’s best work, and they have changed the font used on some of the cover art. I know this seems minor, but as detail obsessed as Kubrick was (part of the reason he was such an amazing director) it is inexcusable to change things now that he has passed. Warner Brothers needs to get their act together. BTW where is Barry Lyndon?

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    Thanks for pointing this out. Stanley Kubrick is my favorite director of all time. I only wish I could of seen his influence in AI more then that of Spielberg’s.

    I bought the first box set that was put out (http://tinyurl.com/yuk2s5), and it was missing some of his first movies, as this one is.

    From the notes on the Amazon page:
    Apparently missing from this set, but also being released in new versions individually on October 23, are Lolita and Barry Lyndon. Eyes Wide Shut will include both the rated and unrated versions. No new release of Dr. Strangelove is planned, nor will it be included in this set either. All titles contained in the boxed set with the exception of “Full Metal Jacket” will be available separately, including the documentary.

    It is good to see use bloody Americans getting the unrated version or Eyes Wide Shut. I think it was stupid that he had to digitally place place people in front of the orgy scenes, the digital effects weren’t done very well.

    I read that HD-DVD and BluRay versions are coming out in October as well, but not as part of a box set.

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    As a graphic designer. Futura is my absolute favorite font. It works well with almost any application. If you are a novice, use Futura and you cant go wrong. Impact is another font that works well with about any layout.
    As far a Kubrick is concerned, His body of work leaves me lukewarm, kinda like Hitchcock. I think “The Killing” is my favorite, just because not many folks have seen it and I’m a big fan of noir.
    PS–I just updated my myspace profile. I felt it necessary to include you in the “Heroes” section right next to Batman.
    Mr. Goeghegan you truly inspire me.