When MTV Comes To Town

Newport HarborA few years ago we received an advanced DVD copy of the “The OC” on our door step – that was our first hint that where we chose to live was about to become a character in a TV series. Since then, “The OC” has gone on to achieve incredible success. Next up: Laguna Beach, The Real OC on MTV was supposed to show you what living here was like. It was fun, but also featured a city just a few miles south of us and spared our neighborhood all the hassles. Now it has come full circle and MTV is in our neighborhood. Depending on your perspective, this is either cool or lame. If you live here, the MTV cameras are not so cool – no need to go into details, but trust me on this. Otherwise, enjoy, MTV’s Newport Harbor:The Real Orange County.

I have two young boys – this is what they will grow up among. Geez, it is getting hard to be a parent.

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  1. says

    I have the same sort of issues here in Oakland California. Explaining the gunshots and the constant police activity gets so tiresome.

  2. says

    Down in southern OC, we have Coto de Caza and the “Real Housewives” of OC. I don’t live in Coto, but on my street, one of our friends and neighbors auditioned for a different oc housewives show (i think for Bravo).

    We will probably never see a Real Geeks of the Silion Valley. (next time on…Real Geeks of the Silicon Valley….the big VC meeting is Friday; can John fix the RSS feed in time? Also, tempers flare at the Podcaster meetup…web 2.0?….web 2.0?….I’ve got your web 2.0 right here!…)

  3. keeping a low profile says

    As a former resident of Coto de Caza and current resident of Newport Beach I am getting paranoid that cameras are following me. Slade Smiley (Real Housewives) was a Coto neighbor. The other day driving past Newport Harbor High there were tourists taking pictures in front of the sign. After 20 years in OC who would have expected this twisted view of a great place to live?