The Nails – Mood Swing

A few months back, I was reminded by my friend Eric Rice about a band I was a big fan of back in the 80′s. I also knew that there was a producer/record company/band squabble over the songs and the rights to them that was hindering re-release of the true original albums. Well, the album is finally out! The Nails – Mood Swing. Forget Corpus Christi – for which the original band does not get paid, this is the real stuff. It is also their best album. If you were ever a fan of 88 Lines About 44 Women – this is the cut and the album for you. Man, this takes me back: What period is Mrs. Biso’s Latin class?


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    Sounds a little like Bill Baxton’s musical project, Martini Ranch (another lost 80′s gem…). The Mood Swing rerelease is on iTunes, too.

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