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Watching those skateboarding documentaries has done me in. When running an errand to the bank the other day I noticed a skate shop nearby. Couldn’t hurt, right? Just taking a look… I haven’t bought a skateboard since 1987, but I am now the proud owner of a Brent Atchley signature board with Independent trucks and Spitfire Wheels. Now I need to go back with my five year old son, he wants one too.

My last skateboard? A Lance Mountain with Bonite, I bought in 1987. I don’t know why, but I will never forget the name of that board.

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    I owned a Powell Skull and Sword with bonite. I left it over a friend’s house in Jr High and never picked it up.

    I got into skating again last year, as I still have a board(old school Santa Cruz Tom Knox) and a friend my age who likes to ride. I was visiting the local park’s halfpipe on a weekly basis. I got sick of falling down, so I’m currently taking a break.

    If you already know how to ride, I’d just recommend diving back in head first. Sure you’ll fall, but you’ll still have a blast.

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    i had many a powell board back in the day. i think the last board i had was a duane peters. but i’m getting back into the scene as well. lots of skateboarding podcasts out there too. would have loved that 20 years ago 😉