More Studio Upgrades

I have made a few more changes to the podcasting setup I am using. I have completely removed the Symetrix 528e. It has been replaced by all Aphex gear. I highlighted some of the upgrades in this post.


Since then I have added the Aphex 622 Logic Assisted / Gate with downward expander pictured above. The amount of control the Aphex gear gives you is astounding. I actually have had this piece of gear in place since mid December. Today I found a screaming deal on a B-Stock Aphex 720 Dominator II Precision Multiband Peak Limiter. This was the last piece I was on the look out for. It is rather expensive ($1350) so I was happy to see that my friends at BSW had a single B-Stock unit with full factory warranty for only $499.

Aphex 720

Once I get everything settled in, I’ll put something up about what all this stuff does. Much of it comes into play for the podcast production I do for clients like Disneyland, however it certainly helps for Reel Reviews as well.

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  1. says

    My website is a desktop for a future project. It’s in Spanish, though.

    My question was more of a request. Do you have a link of a picture of your Studio! A detail of what is essential or what is audiophilic may be useful, if you may.

    Thanks in advance. We are really trippin’ my brother and I in this podcasting media for a eco-social perspective featurette in Puerto Rico urban planning and natural resources management.

    Hector Mariani
    San Juan, Puerto Rico