CNBC – The Closing Bell

CNBC - Closing Bell

CNBC ran some coverage today that included some shots of the Reel Reviews site as well as running some of my audio from the Halloween Reel Review. Other podcasters featured were Dave Slusher, Tim Bourquin and Robbie Trencheny.

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    Congratulations!! Always great to get press coverage. I also wanted to “thank you”…Podcast Solutions has been a Bible to me and I finally got my short promo up for my new podcast up and running! I learned everything from your book!

    I’d love for you to stop by when we finally get the shows up and running. Right now we just have a promo . While the show content is a little controversial (having an affair and not getting caught), I’d thought you’d appreciate to know of another podcast that was born just from using your book!

    Now that I got it up and running, I will be working on the audio quality and all that other fun stuff.

    Thanks again!
    Cheri Moore – Rendezvous Radio